Hypnosis Q&A

What is hypnosis?

Many people believe hypnosis to be some mysterious state but it's actually quite simple. We experience it every day. Put simply, hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation and awareness during which you are highly susceptible to suggestion. For example, when you're driving on the freeway and you are so deep in thought that you end up missing your exit, that deep mental focus and awareness is the state of hypnosis. Or maybe when you get so caught up in thinking that you don't even realize that someone is speaking to you. That is hypnosis. This is the root of where our mental issues arise from. We are listening to ourselves think every day. When our thoughts are negative, our outlook on life or a particular experience in our lives becomes a negative association in our minds. ​From when we are children to around the age of 8, our experiences are perceived as either negative or positive. We make those associations based on a reward system. For example, if we do something well, like a sport or activity and we are praised for it, we associate that particular task or experience positively. Alternatively, let's say you play that same sport or activity, and you are teased or berated. Your mind then forms a negative association with that activity. We live our lives based on a collection of experiences. These experiences can either have a good or bad impact on how we think. Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis as a tool to alter those ingrained perspectives and associations for the better.

What can hypnotherapy help with?

Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful tools for change and personal growth. It's especially effective for fears and phobias due to their subconscious nature. Here at South Pasadena Hypnosis, we specialize in anxiety and stress management, pain management, MRI claustrophobia, and sports performance enhancement. We also offer the following services:​

Fears and PhobiasHealing the Inner Child (childhood trauma)Loss and GriefAddiction (in all forms),Weight Loss,Stop SmokingStop VapingSelf-ConfidenceNegative Thinking.

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What to expect during hypnotherapy?

During your first hypnotherapy session, we'll discuss your goals and what you'd like to achieve. Then, we will start to learn how your mind works, what is holding you back from achieving your goals, and different ways to overcome your obstacles. Understanding how your unique perspective affects your thought process will be the foundation of the hypnotherapy work we'll work on together. Once we have talked through what your goals are and any resistance you may be feeling in achieving those goals, we'll discuss how hypnosis works and answer any questions you may have. Finally, the last part of the session is entering the state of hypnosis. This is the part of the session when we will reinforce everything we've learned during the first part of our session into your subconscious for maximum results.

How hypnotherapy works?

Our minds are comprised of our conscious mind and our subconscious. The conscious part of our mind handles day to day interactions, makes decisions and is in charge of willpower, which, doesn't always work the way we want it to. When we use our conscious minds to drive change it only goes as far as our willpower. Once the willpower is used up, our subconscious takes over and we default to our usual reactions. Our subconscious makes up 85% of our total brain power and our conscious mind makes up the rest. Hypnotherapists use hypnosis as a tool to work with the subconscious part of our minds. This is what makes hypnotherapy so effective. Hypnosis has the power to align our subconscious with desired behaviors that we consciously aspire to so that changes are lasting and sustainable.

Is hypnotherapy like meditation?

While hypnosis and meditation may seem similar, they are actually very different. They can both be used to help relax and help find relief from stress and anxiety but meditation is more about focusing on a single element such a breathing to bring you back from wandering thoughts. Hypnosis is state of heightened suggestibility during which you are focused on the suggestions mentioned during the session. Meditation is about clearing your mind while hypnotherapy is about opening the pathway in your mind to the subconscious where lasting changes are made for the better.

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